User-generated content (UGC) is considered to be very valuable to marketers of both big and small brands. It has significant benefits for your business, but it can take on many different forms. 

By understanding what UGC is, you can use it to your advantage to promote your business!

What is UGC?

Later defines user-generated content as “any type of content that’s created by a brand’s followers, product users or consumers.” Traditionally, UGC is created organically, meaning those creating the content are not being paid to do so. 

This content can take on many different forms, including photos, videos, reviews/comment forums, and more! 

Why is UGC important?

Many consumers tend to have more positive reactions to UGC advertisements than brand curated content. We tend to trust audience reviews and personal recommendations over traditional advertising. 

Incorporating UGC into your content strategy can also humanize your brand. Showing actual people using or talking about your product/service can build credibility and authenticity, which is essential when making purchase decisions. 

Tips for finding and encouraging UGC

Typically you can find content created by your audience through your brand account’s mentions, tags, hashtags, and social listening. Taking time to see what your audience is saying about your brand on social media can typically lead to positive UGC that can become part of your overall marketing strategy. 

When working with user-generated content, the most important tip is to be sure that you have permission from the creator to post their content. Not everyone feels comfortable having their content shared on a large-scale platform. It’s easy to leave a quick comment asking to repost their video or photo. 

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