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Marketing to Gen Z: 3 Strategies You Need to Know

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The Gen Z population is becoming one of the most powerful consumer groups today. They are important drivers of change and use their buying power for self-expression. Marketing to Gen Z successfully can lead to loyal, brand advocates that can support your business. So, if you’ve been wondering how to reach this age group, read on!

Who is Gen Z?

Born between 1997 and 2012 approximately, this group is bold, creative, and unwavering. People in this age range value their beliefs and want to see transparency and action from the brands they support. Having grown up in a time of social action and political activism, Gen Z is one of the most diverse and accepting populations. 

According to Forbes, they also account for $143 billion in spending power, becoming one of the largest generations of consumers.

Being the innovators that they are, traditional marketing tactics may not work as well for this group compared to older generations. Proactive and engaging strategies are going to gain the most attention.

Strategies for Marketing to a Gen Z Audience 

Utilize short-form, eye-catching video content

Growing up during a time when media content was readily available to them, this population has an innate ability to block out noise and to hone in on only the most entertaining or engaging messaging. By utilizing bite-sized video platforms, like TikTok or Instagram, brands can more easily grasp and keep the attention of these busy individuals.

Establish clear values and mission

Now more than ever, consumers want to trust the brands that they are financially supporting and expect them to speak up on social issues. Gen Z is three times more likely than other generations to say that the purpose of business is to “serve communities and society”. Issues that this group cares about are diversity, LGBTQ+ rights, and social responsibility among corporations. Establishing and amplifying your brand’s values effectively will create a meaningful connection with your audience.

Build a community

Social networking and digital communities are more important than ever. Connecting with like-minded people has become easier than ever through influencer marketing and brand ambassador programs. The relatability that comes with working with influencers can help to establish a trustworthy relationship with your audience. And we know how important trust is to Gen Z!

Learning about reaching new audiences is very important as the marketing industry continues to change. By tailoring to the needs of this savvy group, Gen Z will in turn bring their loyalty and advocacy. 

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