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Our Social Media Trend Forecast for 2023

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We don’t have a crystal ball, but we have a year’s worth of social media reports that will help us predict what social media trends are staying, what trends are leaving, and what trends are gaining popularity in 2023. The social media landscape is rapidly changing, and to keep up with trends, you need to stay in tune with your metrics. The answers lie within the data. Let’s get into it.

What social media trends are staying in 2023?

Original, uncurated content
Ever notice how that random picture of your team or coworker skyrockets in engagement? This type of content is the foundation of social media. It drove people to sign up for Facebook and Instagram many moons ago. It’s here to stay and will only grow in popularity as marketing tactics like user-generated content, and influencer marketing continue to dominate the digital marketing landscape.

Video content
Should every business have a TikTok account in 2023? If we had it our way – yes. But, sometimes, it takes baby steps. The need for video content as a part of your social media marketing strategy is not going anywhere. Short-form video content is a fantastic way to grab and hold your audience’s attention. According to HubSpot, short-form video content will see the most growth in 2023. So, maybe you do want to create that TikTok account?

Social media for customer service
It might sound like a no-brainer, but social media as a means of customer service is a growing trend across brands and businesses of all sizes and types. What edge does social media have on other customer service channels? Convenience. It’s as simple as that. Why waste your time searching for an 800 number or a customer support website when you can slide into a brand’s DMs with your inquiry? This trend is here to stay.

What social media trends are out in 2023?

RIP to cross-posting the same creatives
We knew this day was inevitable when video content took social media by storm a few years ago. The writing on the wall became increasingly apparent over the last year. Unfortunately, the creative content that performs well on LinkedIn does not also translate into engaging creative content for Instagram. As Hootsuite states, people go to different networks for different reasons.

Text-heavy graphics
Cut it out! But, really, cut it out. Text-heavy graphics are not it and have never been it. Social media users prefer quick, easy-to-consume content, and while it may feel like you’re communicating your message in a consumable way, you’re deterring users. Instead, opt for an engaging, attention-grabbing video or image, and then dive into the details in the caption – or – try out an engaging carousel post on Instagram and LinkedIn.

What social media trends are growing in 2023?

Increased Social Spending Overall
One of the most efficient ways to reach your target audience is through paid social. Not only does paid social guarantee reach, but it also helps you to learn details about your target audience that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Paid social has been, and continues to be, on an upward trajectory. According to GWI, 27% of consumers worldwide discover brands and products through ads seen on social media. The icing on the cake? Once they’ve found your brand, 43% of consumers say they research brands, products, or services through social media – this is where that organic social media strategy really gets to shine 😉

Influencer Marketing
You better buckle up if you haven’t heard of influencer marketing yet. Next to video content, influencer marketing is another trend that has taken the social media world by storm and will continue to grow throughout 2023, with 17% of marketers planning to invest in it for the first time. According to HubSpots’ consumer trends survey, influencer marketing hugely impacts Gen Z consumer behaviors – 33% of Gen Zers have bought a product based on an influencer’s recommendations. Even further, Gen Z says that influencer product recommendations trump family and friend recommendations.

It goes hand-in-hand with the need for video content in your social media marketing strategy. In the past, older generations turned to their favorite television programs or sitcoms to unwind after a long day. The need to relax and be entertained hasn’t gone anywhere, but the platforms have changed. And therein lies the need for entertaining, relatable video content on social media. Need further proof? TikTok’s president of global business solutions told CNBC last June, “We’re an entertainment app, not a social network like Facebook.” Really – we think you should create that TikTok account now.

Where is your current social media strategy? Are you interested in exploring some of this year’s trends? We can help. Reach out to Little Moon Marketing today and prepare your business for tomorrow.

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