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AI in Digital Marketing: Unlocking New Opportunities

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If you’re like most, AI can seem daunting, and delving into it can be intimidating.

Fear not. We’ve done our research and are ready to spill the tea of how you can use AI to aid your digital marketing efforts. 

First, what is AI?

You may think of AI as Siri or Alexa, a chatbot that we can ask questions to give us answers instantaneously.

Or GPS on your phone.

That is the perfect way to think of it – a digital tool.

Simply put, AI is any technology that does the jobs of humans but with more precision, minimal mistakes, and can be much more efficient. It is a technology that pushes human knowledge further, helpfully and easily.

What Are the Benefits of AI In Digital Marketing

Leaders in the industry have found there to be many benefits of using artificial intelligence within digital marketing. Tasks that humans may need help with or take more time doing are seemingly effortless for AI. With the correct information given to the technology, AI can help to maximize the performance of your business without you lifting a finger. 

AI can do the research behind the scenes of who is the ideal target audience for your product, what content would be best received by this audience, and what drives these markets to click on what they are consuming through social media day in and day out. 

Our favorite tool to use at Little Moon is ChatGPT-4. When our creative engines are burnt out, we turn to ChatGPT to provide us with inspiration for various campaigns and projects. Knowing how to speak to ChatGPT to get your desired results is key. Don’t worry. We’ll be back with another blog on the top prompts to provide to ChatGPT. 

The use of AI increases productivity. Giving the technology tasks that seem redundant or tedious will aid efficiency and help your business reach goals quicker. AI is an extremely valuable tool for all digital marketers when used properly and ethically. Hate it or love it – AI isn’t going anywhere, and we will only have to continue to adapt to this new world of technology.  

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